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1. Payment of Fees


HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC (HopeSpring) operates three different payment options to meet clients’ needs.

  • Accepted Insurance Plans:

    My practice is insurance-friendly and I do my best to help you use your insurance benefits. In order to receive coverage for therapy services, insurance companies typically require a psychiatric diagnosis and will often determine the type of treatment and duration of services allowed for a specific diagnosis. Additionally, some personal information needs to be shared in order to process individual claims. HopeSpring may accept assignment of insurance after confirming coverage. However, confirmation or authorization of benefit is not a guarantee of payment for services. In the event that your insurance company rejects the claim or does not pay in full for all services rendered, you are responsible for payment in full. You are responsible for non-covered services, deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments. You are also responsible for notifying your psychotherapist if your insurance coverage changes. I submit billing to insurances to reduce the cost to you. Please contact me for details regarding insurance panel.


  • Out-of-Network Insurance Benefits:

    If you have Out-of-Network Benefits with any other insurance company not listed above and if you decide to use Out-of-Network benefit, you need to self-pay for your session and I will give you a receipt. Then you can submit to your insurance company and the insurance company will later reimburse you directly. Most insurance plans provide opportunity to apply for reimbursement for therapy services received from out-of-network providers.


  • Out-of-Pocket:

    Many of my clients prefer to pay out-of-pocket and NOT use their insurance benefits. This allows such clients to fully protect all information disclosed in therapy. You should be aware that your insurance company requires me, as a contracted provider, to release information relevant to the services rendered to you. This typically includes: a clinical diagnosis, a treatment plan, or even copies of your entire clinical record. This is why to fully protect their confidentiality, many of my clients prefer to disregard their insurance benefits and pay out-of pocket.


2. Fees


HopeSpring operates on a direct payment policy if you choose to pay Out-of-Pocket or use Out-of-Network benefit. HopeSpring asks that you provide payment in full at the time of service. Cash or personal checks made out to Mi-Kyong Kwon are acceptable for payment. All returned checks are charged a returned check fee of $40.00.


Psychotherapy Services Length Fee
Diagnostic Interview 2 hours $300.00
Individual / Family Therapy (50 min) 50 minutes $200.00
Individual / Family Therapy (90 min) 90 minutes $300.00
Play Therapy 50 minutes $200.00
Parent Education / Child Parent Relationship Therapy (Filial Therapy) 50 minutes $200.00
Group Therapy* Varies Varies
School Meeting 50 minutes $200.00
School Observation 50 minutes $200.00

*Please contact Dr. Kwon for details


Other Services   Fee
Copy of Diagnostic Interview Report   $ 30.00
Additional Copies of Payment Receipt   $ 30.00
Additional Copies of Health Information***   $ 30.00
Court Preparation, Testimony, & Related Activities Per hour $300.00

***Required Appropriate Written Authorization by the client or client’s parent/legal guardian