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Welcome to the HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC.

I am Dr. Mi-Kyong Kwon, and I am the founder of HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC.  Originally, I established Hopespring Children’s Clinic in December 2008, and then the name has changed to HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC to provide comprehensive and effective services for children and families in March 2012. I have been serving children and families for about 20 years in Korea and United State. I am dedicated to providing compassionate and effective care for children and families. I believe that individuals including children and adults have their own potentials. It is important for people to have safe, supportive, and nurturing environments for them to reach out to their potentials because people are born, grow, learn, change and heal within the context of human relationships. It is also important for individuals to discover their own strengths, skills, talents, and positive characteristics because they are already there inside of them.

Psychotherapy is based on human interactions. It is the therapeutic process, which consists of a collaborative team work between a client and a psychotherapist to understand a client’s lives, explore different choices, and make safe and effective choices for the client to make his/her life better. People will find healthy ways to meet their own goals and meaning of lives in the presence of warm and kind relationships with professionals.

Nowadays, many children and families face challenges. Advanced technologies, such as internet and social networking sites contribute the distances/disconnections between a human and a human in families, schools, and communities despite of their original goals to improve human connections and networking. It is the HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC’s role as a member of communities to create safe, healthy, and better environments for children and families. It is HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC ‘s devotion to discover and create internal and external resources for children and families to strength their abilities to be happier and more productive individuals.

HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC will support and help children and families by creating therapeutic webs for them to be able to reach out their hopes and meet their needs no matter where they are in life.

HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC is based on the belief that people need safe and secure human connections to overcome their struggles and to become healthier and more productive individuals.

HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC also believes that creating therapeutic web through collaborations with family members, schools, medical professionals, other significant individuals, and involved agencies are essential to ensure professional support and care for you and your family.

Again, HopeSpring Child & Family Clinic, LLC welcomes you and looks forward to working with you and your family.